Cia is an anomaly that happens when there is a manifestation of massive quantities of Khalei within a person. They appear briefly and vanish just as quickly. Whenever they appear, it makes it nearly impossible to time travel back to that point in time later on.

Cia have been rumored to be responsible for some recent Gem. Co. refineries closing down.

Cia appear to have similar features to a female. They are dormant where ever there is Khalei, and when enough is built up or abused they may appear. They are said by some to be servants of an ancient goddess that created the world with Khalei.

Cia have even been known to manifest themselves within the Khalei that is inside a person, thus changing that person briefly, altering its form physically and improving performance in controlling their own abilities. Obvious changes are said to be, altered hair color, increased unnatural abilities to control Khalei, and increased bust size, all of which make the host more in the likeness of the Cia.

Cia can become attached to that host and forever change that person, provided their cause is just, or to save their life. The host keeps all of it's abilities and physical features gained from the Cia, and the Cia will no longer exist, if it ever existed at all. In doing this the persons mind will be affected, clouding it and causing them to forget much their previous life.

Being female in nature, it is unsure to many what happens when a Cia manifests inside of a male host. But there is one male person rumored to be altered by a Cia.