Daughter of Eve (preview)

Daughter of Eve (preview)

A game about twin gangsters Tempo and Wave wanting revenge on Gem. Co.. Not much is known about thier story. The game is a beat em up, it as a two player co-op or a match like a fighting game. It's also known that Maiko and Riley will be playable as well.

Versus Edit

A Versus Mode have being put in this game. It will let you fight it out with another player. The controls are as following, Writing by Vortex00

left player (player1)

movement WASD attack 1 = J

attack 2 = K

attack 3 = n/a

right player (player2) movement ARROW KEYS

attack 1 = NUM 4

attack 2 = NUM 5

attack 3 = n/a

MAKE SURE NUM LOCK IS ON or player 2's attacks will not work.

NOTE: wave only has a melee move atm.

Wave is faster than Tempo, this is intentional. But she may be too fast even still. Tempo might be too weak and attack too slow.

Jumping is wacky, I know.

Plans for Tempo (Active):


3 hit attack 1 sequence with each hit increasing damage.

Plans for Tempo (Passive):

Has a ??% chance to stun the player when hits connect.

Plans for Wave (Active):


Deflect projectiles with Katana

Plans for Wave (Passive): none?

Power-ups that appear randomly: (not in the game yet)

restore some life

increase resistance to damage for short duration

increase damage for short duration

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