Joey front
Likes: Art related, Music.

Hates: doing school work. popular people.

Joey loves art related crafts and projects. She's a bit of a lone wolf and initially doesn’t like people who try to be popular with everybody like Maiko and Luma. Not letting that stopping her from a great opportunity, she hand made Happy Metal's outfits when performing on stage during concerts.

This eventually made her a prominent designer once she started getting credit for being the one that designs Maiko’s outfits. Eventually she lightens up and grows to like Maiko more and more. It was some of the first times she had ever honestly laughed as Maiko would try to figure out how to put a lot of her clothes on.

She eventually opened a clothing store after graduating from Nanako High School. She hears about what happens to Maiko from Greel. But when she sees Charity walk in the door she recognizes her right away. Eager to help a friend recover her past, she tells Charity about all of the times her and Maiko spent trying on her crazy clothing designs and thanks her for all the fun she had. She tells Charity to stop by again and try on some clothes once she remembers herself.