Khalei is a mass of small particle energy in the world of Ralamar. These small particles take on many different forms and are rarely seen in its unchanged natural form.

In the forms it does take it can be manipulated by those who are able to survive with Khalei directly in their bodies, and the ability to control it. Most forms of Khalei can be controlled by that users will of mind.

Khalei naturally tends to take on some elemental property. But not always, as users have crafted ways to make it take on forms that can heal and/or manipulate flesh, and take on solid forms.

Khalei is everywhere and makes up the planet. Users with similar elemental properties of Khalei within them can learn to control that natural element.

Khalei in its unchanged form cannot be manipulated and is dangerous to have directly in ones body due to its chaotic nature. But even a small amount can power tons of equipment and machinery when condensed into a Khalei Crystal.

Natural unchanged Khalei is rarely naturally found in crystal form, but more often shards of elemental Kahlei Crystals can be found in remote locations of the planet.

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