Luma in School Uniform

Luma's parents both work for the Khalei producing giant Gem. Co. They spend most of their time at the company leaving Luma only a series of various messages responding to something she may have requested from them. Being in the positions they are in, they also have high expectations of Luma. Luma's passion to be the best is driven by the want of her parent's approval.

Once a while ago Luma was curious about a particular manga and begin to spend time reading it. Once her parent's came to realize this they stripped her of the manga and told her she will not be successful if she continues to waste time reading it. They advised her to stay away from people reading stuff like that and to try to get in with the popular crowd. Luma's been following her parents advice ever since, and she has been able to be the best at many things.

Once she notices Maiko Umiya catching up to her in popularity she starts to question her parent's initial advice. But now that she has set the trend, she is trapped forced to continue hating all the geeks or risk loosing all of her hard earned popularity.

She deep down does not approve of the executive decisions to have sentinels hunting Maiko for several reasons. Some of which being that she is unaware if they are hunting her because she has a Khalei Crystal hairpin. Or the fact that she is a threat to her popularity. She wants to prove she can be the best on her own. After being greeted by a time traveling oracle named Annie, she begins secretly helping Maiko in situations that would otherwise cause her to die. Luma knew exactly how to keep Maiko alive without being discovered each time thanks to this oracle.

Eventually Luma starts seeing the corruption within Gem. Co. After trying to warn her parents several times. She one day hears they both died to specimens accidentally breaking loose. '

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